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The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Mongolia

Guide to Fishing in Mongolia

Mongolia is a world renown fishing sanctuary - not only because of the world famous Taimen. This fishing guide gives you all the info you need to start your offroad adventure.

When thinking of Mongolia, most people will probably think of vast steppe landscapes and the country's dry regions - however Mongolia has a different side: over 4,000 river and a huge number of lakes are home to some of the most fascinating fish species of the world. Lenok, Amur Pike, Mongolian Grayling and the world famous Taimen attract fly fishers as well as spin fishers from all over the world.

Our colleagues at Escape to Mongolia have created a comprehensive fishing guide that is the perfect starting point for your fishing trip to Mongolia: Which fish are there? Where do you need to go and what gear should you bring? How do you get your license? Don't waste your time, get to planning and start your offroad adventure through the river systems of Mongolia.

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